I just graduated with my batchlers degree from Bellarmine University in

May 2020. Before moving to college, I grew up on a horse farm near Danville, Kentucky. There is nothing quite like living on 30 acers of farm land srouranded by backroads. The more urban lifestyle has grown on since moving to Louisville, I have learned to navigate the city over the past four years. 





I am currently working on my Masters of Sience in Digital Mediases at Bellarmine & living in Loisville. I am really loving the classes & content of the program. In the months to follow I am going to serve as an English teacher in Indonisia with the Peace Corps for a little over two years. I am very honored and excited for this experence, I am eager to make headway in social media, project development, and community growth.


 I hope to convey my thoughts through this blog, in a way that will allow you to will know me (& maybe yourself ), better after reading my mantras...

Monica Jackson

Hi friend,

Welcome! First off we are going to get friendly & personal here on this blog 

so call me Mon. This is a blog about my 23 year-old self while trying to collect & develop a deeper understanding of my thoughts about life itself. There are endless possibilities of where (physically & mentally) I will be in the near future so I hope this blog is a repressive timeline of the grit & growth I go through. Thanks for joing me on this wild ride. 

                                                                                                         - Mon


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