• Monica Jackson

10 Things I Don’t Speak up About

This is a list of 10 pretty intimate things about myself that I might not disclose unless asked. There are a few things that I have come to turms with & know that they might just be a constant in my life. But they are all things I am or have worked through that are very much a part of my ideality.

  1. I deeply struggle with my role in my family.

  2. I don’t often think I deserve good things & good things are going to happen.

  3. I have dislexia but I didn’t know it until college. (I have a whole post on this one)

  4. I am vegetarian so more people can have water.

  5. I (only) want to adopt kids & have a big family some day.

  6. I rode horses everyday growing up even though I got kicked in the head by one when I was little.

  7. The Peace Corps is guilt free travel to me (& do meaningful service).

  8. I wish my relationship with food & my body was in a better place.

  9. I didn’t learn to appreciate “I’m sorry” until the past year

  10. I run on other people’s feelings more then I advocate for my own.

High five for messy lives friends & our honest truth, I hope this helps you realize that “normal” thoughts & mindset can look very different. ANDDD as always there is struggle.

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