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8 Ways To Heal- A Cup of Anxiety & Eating Disorder On A Plater

When I drink a coffee there is a good chance it’s a cup of caffeine inspiring motivation that taste delicious! The other is side is liquid anxiety being sipped into my body spinning my mind spinning faster & faster. I used to think there is no telling witch it will be (if I pay attention to my body & thoughts it’s very telling).

My anxiety can function as my greatest enemy & it also provokes my harsh relationship with food. Between the two of them there are days I can’t stop telling yourself mean things. Or I go almost crazy becouse I can’t control what I eat or how active I am.

If you don’t have anxiety the way I would describe it is an edgy improve group in your brain and you just need a one word to spin countless scenarios no one is comfortable with.

At low anxiety I can get distracted & try to do multiple task at once. I open an normal sounding email & my heart races a little when my brain goes to the worst possible outcome.

At high anxiety I bite my nails, I can’t put a project down until it is finished. I say no to hanging out with my sweet friends.

My relationship with food could feel like a chore some days, it had gotten to points where my friends have picked up on my struggles (I think that’s both good friends & a deep struggle) I won’t let myself drink very much with friends or I feel guilty if I didn’t eat a healthy meal.

What helps me

  1. Go to counseling, I sear by this one!

  2. Sweating its crazy important for me. There is a noticeable difference in controlling how i feel, like I’m a nut job if I don’t. It doesn’t totally matter how I get sweaty but it does matter that I do it.

  3. Befriend your ego & tell your friends/family about your experience with anxiety or eating disorder (ED) so they can help understand & check in on you.

  4. Ask yourself what you can do now to make your feel better(even for 5 minutes). Some times I have to say by body is tired but my mind is not so I’m going to watch a show till I fall asleep.

  5. My favorite go on a walk & phone a friend.

  6. Have smaller portions of your guilty food & have it every day then it feels normal & less like a treat to feel guilty over.

  7. Track the stages your vice takes, it made me more confident that I was making progress

  8. STOP normalize the freshman 15, commenting on other peoples food, wishing you had an ED. It may seem like not a big deal the language can be very harmful to those struggling or Healing their relationship with food.

Sometimes it’s straight up rewriting my brain, telling myself somedays my body’s gonna need more food then other days. Or Analyzing that I have the urge to bite my nails and asking what is making me feel that anxious and then what can I do to ease up feeling even 5%. Catching the flat out negative thoughts in my head and bulldozed over them with a true story.

It’s not 100% healed but it was the ceiling in my life so it had to go. Know that you are more then then your the accumulation of your struggles.

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