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Dancing In The Rain

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Do you ever get in a rut of mood of where you just don't care about anything? Sometimes it’s because of a mundane job or maybe little social interaction that has left you feeling unmotivated. I'm right there with you…like helloooo, It's been a minute since I've written because I felt like I'm spending all the extra energy I have just to try to get through a regular day. It makes me feel very negative, like I can’t enjoy in the rain. To learn to like or dance in the rain I have been making slight changes that add up to big improvements in my day. When i'm not feeling like I’m at full capacity these self-reliant changes not only make me feel more fulfilled but more motivated & productive.

Dancing in the rain (or in the fountain)

Directed effort- I Have a girlfriend that put up a note saying, “I am a QEEN, I attract high quality intelligent, motivated & kind man. I am constantly surrounded by positive masculine energy.” GIRL no wonder you have been on some incredible dates lately, what you say & what you think is what manifests.

Momentum-It can be hard to get the ball rolling & just about any capacity so maximizing your effort & keep the momentum! I have kept up with running in New York & while traveling this summer, my friends give me crap for it all the time, “you are not relaxing, enjoy your time on vacation” but on vacation (and in general) my time my own & I want to feel good, running gives me that. So sometimes its stepping away for even 30 minutes to move my body. Maybe for you it's reading a devotion every morning or meal prepping for you and your family so can have dinner together at the end of the day.

Being the parent-I want to call my mom probably 34X a day, but sometimes it needs to act like my own parents. It can be as simple as freaking out that I got on the wrong train-going the opposite direction, to then have to transfer & still make it to a new field location for work. Me, acting like my mother, says “Monica, you are fine, you are going to make it to work on time. You left 10 minutes early incase you got lost.” This self-parenting tool can be used in more difficult stations, this was just me last week…

Choosing what is best for you-That means not over committing myself & choosing things that are fulfilling (not the same filling my time!!!) I was trying to meet up with a friend after work the other day but it just made me really stressed & my schedule hectic. Instead I asked to find a different time, we ended spending a few hours together with some meaningful conversations that I wouldn’t have been in the space to have if it happened after work.

Truthfully, I feel pretty unmotivated to fill out applications, to eat well & just to be on the ball and it seems like a bad week heck it feels like a bad season right now. I but I think you have to know the darkness to see & know how to create your own light. Go dance in the rain!

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