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Getting After Goals

To complement the last post about what makes me, I thought I would also share what I aim for.

Business- This summer I'm working on the Project Management & Deployment team at MHANY Mutual housing - they work to keep housing affordable for people with low income in NYC. I really want to improve all the hats one must wear for this role (& enjoy NYC). After I graduate in May I want to join the Peace Core (* she writes & screams on the inside* recently this has switched from dreaming of to preparing for). I have heard the experience is life altering so I haven't said firm goals beyond that except for my dream career …working for the United Nations.

Body- Running 500 miles (read blog #2 if ya missed it) but it’s happening. If I'm not completely feed up with running by January. I want to do a full marathon within the next year. Eating clean is on the agenda- being vegetarian while eating a good amount of protein & 5 fruits/vegetables every day…as I sit here with an empty pint of Halo Top ice cream….i am reminded to allow some imperfection, these are challenging things to overcome (like having a sweet tooth) If I am hitting my goals 100% of the time I haven’t set them high enough.

Balance- I make talking to my family a priority it’s mostly over the phone because I haven’t lived at home in 4 years. I also have 6 or so friends that I check in with every week & I spend time with one of them at least once a week ( it has to be more then just hi & bye with my house mates) some people have come off the list & others have come on it. This is okay, goals can be a little fluid and mold-able.

Being- I aim to listen to an audio book every month & 2 podcast week, I spend a few hours a week driving or in transit so this makes me feel like I got something out of my time (IE I avoid reading anyway I can). I make an effort to have individual deep conversations with people, this really makes my day more fulfilling. As you may have noticed traveling fulfills me as well, although it can be hard adjusting (last week in NYC definitely was!) I have a greater sense & appreciation for what I value.

I think it's important to have BIG goals that make you jump out of bed in the AM, but it's just as important to set yourself up to achieve them.

These are some of the questions I use to manifest goals-

· What do I want to accomplish in a year?

· What does that mean I'm doing in the next 90 days?

· Where does that put me this week or every week?

· What can I do today to make that happen?

Cheers to going strong, leveling up & hitting your targets!

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