• Monica Jackson

Getting out of my own way didn’t apply to me until it did...

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

I thought...I was above all the negative thoughts & everything great until I was stuck, I couldn’t go or do another thing unless could do it 100%. The other day I said no to a fun yoga class with my friend because I haven’t practiced in a few months. Sister! Nobody has ever said you have to be on your A game all the freaking time. No one said your Instagram feed has to look like Tay Tay’s or for there to be to a story posted all the time. Here is an unedited version of a picture I posted on it’s a good picture but my mind always wants to put the best on social media when in fact a day or event was just mediocre, it’s a baby step putting this version out there but a step in into truth.

I realized...I was in my own way when I my friends asked if i wanted to go out to dinner with them and i did not. I knew finding something that would taste good and was good for me would be more existing then it was worth. But I want to spend time with my friends doing things they want to do. I’m learning that the less you hide your flaws the less scary they become. So i told them i want to go but I probably won’t eat. I said I’m struggling with some stuff right now but i know being around you all will help. Them being the awesome people they are we’re still happy to have me.

The truth is...I eat healthy & exercise, but I struggle every single day with body image & my relationship with food. I’m working on it, it’s by no means ‘fixed’ yet. In this season I’m especially dedicated to improve it. I am sharing this publicly in hopes that you see if i am able to stand back up maybe you will too!

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