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Getting What You Deserve

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Hey there, it’s been a hot second. I’m finish up my masters degree, so I’ve been working on three research and term papers that make writing for fun not as pleasurable. I’m almost through it & on a little adventure so I wanted to come on here to share something I have needed to remind myself of...

You deserve a lot! Sometime I get distracted by people around me that make me think otherwise. But you deserve the world, stop waiting around for someone to give it to you, you deserve to feel valued, understood, appreciated. You deserve to be happy, powerful and loved. Don’t go accepting treatment and relationships that are giving you anything less, I need you to value yourself more then that. There is this lie that I tell yourself a lot of the time, I’m not enough, but Mon-you are who you have been looking for.

It shouldn’t be hard to be with them, you shouldn’t feel doubtful, you shouldn’t feel confused or anxious about them (weather a friendship, relationship or family member). If someone doesn’t see all that you are, then *awww* I’m sorry for them and their loss!

When you have the good thing, the thing that is meant for you. You will not be worried or questioning, you will have open communication and know that you are loved. For now, have your own back & lean on yourself. Respect yourself & your body. You matter, don’t let anyone else, including yourself, tell you otherwise.

So say it out loud until you are out of breath:

I have everything under control, & everything that I have in me is needed for this week.

I’m doing amazing, I’m doing my best, & I look good doing it. I am proud of me & where I am at!

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