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Updated: Jun 23, 2019

These are some of the biggest events that have gotten to where, I want to share this because if I am honest with you all I must be honest with myself. Also, because I want a deeper connection with my friends, family & whoever else comes across this blog so…

I’ll go first by saying these events caused a pivotal shift & periods of growth in my story

Ollie & I 2016

1. Horseback riding- I grew up around horses, my mom rides & got me into Eventing. Before I started riding, I got kicked in the head by a horse resulting in a traumatic brain injury & weak mobility & dexterity on my left arm/hand. As 2-year-old and more so now I’m determined to not let labels hold me back. I don't want that to define what I'm capable of; instead I say I rode horses growing up. I'm very thankful for all that taught me & I hope to get back to it later in life.

2. My Dad- When I was a junior in high school my dad had a heart attack & died. That night I went to be a greeter at graduation for National Honor Society, I was trying to find a sense of normal. I don’t tell you this to be emotional or hear “I'm sorry” (honestly that has never made me feel any better). I am telling you because it is part of me. I learned to recognize feeling & accept they were okay to have.

3. Bellarmine- After the last events I decided I didn’t want to go far away to college or really know what I wanted my future to look like. A school fell into place that would allow me space to grow & discover who I wanted to be. Bellarmine is the best thing for my education, social network & professional opportunities.

Morocco 2017

4. Traveling- I spent a summer in Morocco experiencing different communities & culture, I realized everyone is dealing with something. What I’m going through may not be the same as you, but it matters just the same. I should be responsible for social & world problems/issues/experiences too but that doesn’t take away the legitimacy what I’m dealing with.

5. Half marathon- I understand many people don’t run 13 miles, but the lesson is just as applicable. When I was training for my first (& only), I learned this mantra… Everyone has an imaginary list of important people in their life. Training gave me permission to put myself on the list, I am giving you permission to put yourself on the list. Make yourself a priority to be one of the top 5, you don’t have to be 1st but YOU ARE an influential person in your life.

As I leave for a new city with new people, I wanted to stay true to my story. I also would love to know about you & your path. If you feel compelled to tag or message me (@mlj_97) on Instagram or shoot me an email at mjacksonb20@gamil.com about your story.

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