• Monica Jackson

Guac O’Clock - The Light In This Pandemic

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

First: I want to say that I am sorry (I know that can't do much but I am). To the people that have lost a safe place and a reliable food source. The people that lost an income or job. To the people who are living alone not by choice or the people without a home. to the healthcare workers & emergency response teams you have selflessly put yourself in harms way & you all have weighted deeply on me over this time of covid-19.

I too am extremely heartbroken that I can't walk at my college graduation. I'm sorry we have to learn online & it is NOT what I have gown to love as many other have, The place that once housed four of my closest friends is empty. I don't see the kids that I picked up from school everyday because they don't go to school anymore. My feelings are everywhere - i'm fine one minute and biting my nails off the next (literally).

Second: I thought I would write about some of the lighter things that have come out of this pandemic. A top favorite of mine being guacamole, especially when it’s homemade. I don’t make it for myself all that often but now I’m thinking I should because it makes me really happy. Perhaps like some of you, I have a little extra time on my hands. Thus, I have been leaning into doing more of the things that make me happy regardless of who is around. I’m not saying I make guac every day or do hours of yoga but I definitely try to incorporate of the things that make me really happy.

As someone who identify's as an extrovert I am missing people a lot, but i have checked up with friends more in the past month then I’m the past year. & my hugs are going to be that much better when this is over, I have to make up for missing time.

With the abruptness of this, I didn’t know a lot of things that were lasts at school & I’m really sorry to anyone in a similar boat. I was getting a bad case of senioritis & now I would give anything to go back to a classroom. Still I’m grateful now more then I ever have been. I’m grateful for the memories I have, the friends I made, the opportunities i'v'e had & the community backing me. I don't think I will ever take you for granted again.

This social distancing can be a double edge sword because my feelings & happiness are almost entirely based on me & what activities I do. Yes, It’s okay to feel the whole spectrum , but also I have never felt more responsible for my feelings, so I'm trying to chose things that will satisfy my needs for connection & upt me in a good place - listening to podcasts or going on a hike,has helped, some days even working outside in my eno soaking up the sunshine is a big mood booster. I certainly never convinced my professors to have class outside this much.

I think we as a society finely see a value of slowing down, spending quality time with people. We are all really equal in terms of our human connection - the fact that we all want it in some way but in another seance we are not going to get where we want to be (back to normal ) without working together for a common goal. It's also kind of a beautiful thing that this does not discriminate, No race, gender, job position, education level or social class is immune, this is an WE issue.

If nothing else the earth is benefiting from the silliness of the human race: the air quality the waterways pollution, the amount of green house gas rates all reaping an enormous benefit from the lack of human pollution & that is a very good thing!

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