• Monica Jackson


A reflection after returning from a survive trip to Guatemala with Bellarmin.

I want a reality where we all validate people for theirhappiness not by their success or possessions, we value people, giving them dignity and respect without comparison. I want a reality that we have an understanding that people are people and we all need space to be understood in a wholistic and human way. To have this reality we might consider that we have mistook some of our privileges for rights. To change this reality for myself as well as others we should perhaps let go of playing things small and safe. Because creating a reality any different then the current can only be done in a way that is both a initially sobering and pivotal in understanding issues are not yours or mine but ours! Much in the way of how this group works. It is a task that ways heavy on me, as I have adjusted to life back in Louisville I am striving for:

A reality that consists of others experiences different from my own, My thoughts go to gaining empathy and truth.

A reality that consists of those people like myself that always want a plan, may good unexpected things surface to disrupt your schedule for the better. My thoughts go to letting go of rigidity.

A reality that consists of truths and vouching for people for those that don’t often get a voice. My thoughts go to gaining bravery in the face of equity.

A reality that consists of a broadened minds and unity in a community of support contributing to the greater good rather then solely the good of your or my well-being. My thoughts to go to the gaining a growth mindset.

A reality that consists of the desire to see how others change may you see the flaws within yourself and yet forgive yourself real change is very slow shift. My thoughts are with you to gain self-awareness and patience.

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