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Habits To Make & Keep During A Pandemic

This is a set of unsequential thoughts to keep me grounded in highs and lows (& during a pandemic). It helps me to categorize where the feels are coming from, so future Mon just scroll to where your feeling are sourced from. These are habits you are well versed in so I’m sure they will meet where you are at.

If it’s Health & Productivity

I ask myself: Am I going to feel better after doing it? Is my body needing a day of rest? I try to plan my day accordingly. If I’m feeling tired maybe I need a softer workout then what I wanted to do. Make a routine, get in the habit of doing the things you need to get done. I’m obsessed with routine not because they make the good days better but because they make the bad days bearable (especially bad days in a pandemic haha).

My personal to do list will all always be there, the goal is not to complete it but to be comfortable with it existence. It’s not a commentary on a lack of my productivity or having done enough. It is relieving my brain of the responsibility to remember to do that task, so there is space in my head to think about other things.

If you can get the task done in 60 seconds or less do it right now, cross that $hit off your list. Grit is a better Predictor then IQ, so if you want to do it & work hard, you will get it done!

There is a bueaty in your own self sufficiency. But if I have learned one thing this season it’s let the good people in your life help you. Make the cues of your good habits obvious & make the cues of your bad habits invisible. Reduce exposure to that habit such as unfollowing social media accounts that provoke anxiety. Put your running shoes by the door so you remember to go for a walk after work.

Every habit should have a space so my computer is for my job & school work, & my phone is for social media. This kind of small changes & context can lead to big change in overtime.

if it’s Relationships & Friendships

When I want to break up with a boy it’s a great idea because it’s my idea. But take covid for example, covid over here was not my idea...when Covid wants to break thing up, it’s not such a great idea. But change happens *queue-BIG GIRLS KEEP ON CHANGING*.... big girls keep roiling through life changes & this pandemic.

I know I’m ready to be in a relationship when my happiness doesn’t depend on other people. When I look for a partner I start with honesty, both in the happening of my life & in I want & expect. Set the example- if I want good communication, I let them know I won’t be on my phone tonight because I’m having people over.

As much as want to be with Dom I can now cross him off the list. If they are not doing everything they can to keep me in their life, why am I fighting so hard to stay in theirs. Someone who is not interested in me or excited to be with me or talk to me is NOT worth my time, I deserve better!

Every time I get down about relationships I have to remember that the people I’ve been dating have gotten better-I’ve been able to identify what I am looking for. Things that happened during a pandemic game a lot harder & heavyer. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to respond to a friends text at that moment or even that day. I have to realize they might need the same.

If it’s Work & School

I’m working Career Development Center for the 5th straight year. I have had various advancing roles, & like I mentioned in a previous blog at first I thought it was a complacent career move on top of struggling with this gap year. What if the Peace Corps doesn’t eve happen? It’s the most meaningful thing I can do and only a years worth of time. (I supposed to leave for the Peace Corps next September)

Here is the spectrum: If I just started a new job & can do everything well from the get-go, I’m probably overqualified. They hired me knowing my experience & that I’m going to make mistakes. If you are not creating your own work then you don’t have a job. If I’m not in my dream job (Mon you probably aren’t in the next 10 years) it doesn’t mean I can’t get there or that your dreams have to stay the same.

If you ever needed anything I’m here for you, message me @mlj_97 on Instagram.

You & I can’t take up any less space but what I don’t want us to!

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