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If I wanted it, why don’t I go for it?

Updated: Feb 4

Being proud of my $hit in so many ways...

Getting the timing right: I was taking to the guy I am now dating about how we wound not have worked if I meet him any earlier this year(or in my life). I was judging a lot of balls: of figuring out post grad life, getting a masters, working a job & being social during covid. As much as I didn’t realize it the timing had to be right to meet the nice guy that is also good for me. I also want to add that one of the hardest relationship to be in is a healthy one after a toxic one (or toxic experience). So although I am really happy with my relationship it’s still work to unlearn the under delivered expectations I had in prior relationships.

Being less rigid: I ran into an old mentor from college the other day, we were quickly catching up on the happening of our lives, she asked if I was going to the Peace Corps. I was really proud of myself for saying I didn’t know. Sure it wasn’t a final decision but to say out loud to someone that wasn’t in my immediate circle felt brave. It was like I was speaking it into existence, I do have a call next week with PC to get some more info on potential date of departure & a career in corporate Peace Corps. To be honest I’m a bit nervous for the conversation but I think it will good to know some more information.

Realizing the good: I wanted to close by saying how loved I felt that my sweet friend were willing to sit outside to eat dinner in JANUARY for 3 hours at for my birthday.

Until next time,

I love you & I’m rooting for you

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