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Making Peace With 2021

Updated: Jan 13

Don’t fall into the time scarcity of 2021

Around New Year’s we got caught up in the commotion of making resolutions and I think we have to be careful about that because we can’t grow without being where we are now. Until recently I was focus on all the things I haven’t done, I was really beating myself up about this year.

At peace with the Peace Corps

If the Peace Corps (PC) asked me to go tomorrow I don’t think I would. It’s not a final decisions but right now I’m finding it too hard to wait around for PC to open up opportunities again. I think there are other things in other ways I can find what I was looking for in PC. For a minute I felt guilty about this idea and goal changing but life just happens sometimes. I got into accepted almost a year ago, at the time it was right for me. I also think I needed the PC & life occurrences to happen the way they did (Covid and tow) to get to where I am & what I am thinking now. I think if treated it like a news years resolution (a firm goal) I wouldn’t be able to proses it as a stepping stones like this.

Not that this year has been the same experience but when I actually look back im like closer to 60% to being the person I want to be thought that experience. I am much kinder, compassionate, I’m a better friend(I couldn’t even work on this in PC), & I am happier more often. My mindset has shifted to be less ridgid with my thoughts & plans, AND I like myself(!)

Side note: just like it’s important to be nice to yourself it’s important to like yourself & I think other people like is extra, my job is to like me fist.

My standards for who I date & who I am friends with is at an all time high. This one is for the girls, gays & theys: If he is going to he will, we he. If he wanted to be he will. But it doesn’t matter if you wanted to, it matters if he doesn. If he doesn’t then someone else will. It’s okay for friendship to be outgrown or right for a certain time in your life too.

For both cases relationship are’t tough unless only one person is working on them. I am one to look past the toxicity normally, but let me tell you when you put your foot down to raise your standards up good things come. By letting go of some friends and (potential) partner that weren’t in the same space I was, I could then ones that are a better fit. It wasn’t instantaneous but they did find me.

They come in the form of H people. There are H people and A people, the A people go out there looking for somebody to lean on each other. The H people love their life, they are just looking for somebody to complement their life NOT compleat it. But to be with an H person you have to be a H person.

There is more to come soon but for now let’s do some mantra work, say it over & over until you are out of breath:

  1. I don’t control, I creat

  2. I don’t chase, I choose

  3. I don’t minimize, I expand

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