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Real Talk: The Taboo Of Self-Care

Updated: Feb 26

As I begin my job search in higher education, I have such a goal of applying to 4 schools a week. In addition, i’ve been doing informational interviews with a handful of student affairs professionals every week. Because of this I’ve tried to practice in my own self-care. Not the kind of self-care that’s pretty, the kind that’s effective long term (this job hunt is going to be a marathon).

Your mental health is more important then your career, other peoples opinions, money, the event I said I would go to. the other day I found myself biting my nails again (after 1.5 without) because of the stress of finding a job. I don’t think that kind of self-care is talked about enough. The chocolate, face masks & baths not substitute for actions that need to take place, they are only ways to enjoy life.

Self care is a very un-beautiful thing, it’s :

  • Enforcing a morning routine & getting up on the first alarm.

  • Making a spreadsheet of your student or credit card debt & having a plan to overcome it.

  • OR geting a 2nd Job so you can have a savings account.

  • Cooking & meal prepping healthy balanced meals.

  • Going to get your mammograms & pap smears because cancer runs in your family.

  • Logging off of social media for a weekend or a week or however long you need.

  • Sweating through another workout.

  • OR skipping a day at the gym for a day so you can take care of your mental health.

It’s figuring out how to like yourself how you are & for who you are, where you don’t have to “take a break“. It’s building a life that you don’t have to regularly escape from, self-care is becoming the person you want & are meant to be.

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