• Monica Jackson

Realizing What’s Good For Me

In COVID times it’s easy for me to get in the blues, testing positive & being isolated for 2 weeks was the cherry on top right?...no that wasn’t great but I survived. Derive from that experience I decided there are these are capital T truth that you good for me and I’m going to have a growth mindset about them.

A work from home coworker (my roommate)

When I graduated college I went from having 4 roommates - thinking I was going live alone - to having 1. The difference between the one I thought I was going to have and the one I do is actually the same time person I just didn’t realize at the time that we were going to be coworkers. What I mean by that is we both work from home 4ish days for our respective organizations. Normally from our own rooms but we fix lunch together and debrief about the latest dilemmas holding us up. There is advice and words of wisdom offered, at the very least some sympathy and being heard. I can’t even begin to fathom what this would be like living by myself. I feel #blessed haha for the way it worked out.

Sharing food-My coworker/roommate and I also share spaces for our food. One can imagine that the refrigerator is a shared space, but there is no this is my shelf and that your drawer acres. Even on the bookshelf we use as a pantry we both cohabitate and every area. I know my relationship with food is getting to a better space because when I did have 4 roommates I was very possessive over space and what is my food. In my old house I even had a separate mini fridge because trying to find room in the main frigid would have set me over the edge at the time.

Dating-To all the guys that came from online dating before Matt -Colton, Dom, Logan, Jafari, Zach, David, Nick, & Max- I want to thank you. As the corny line goes, I had to experience the bad before I got the good. Since we have only been together for a few months Matt is really intentional about building trust & making sure I know he has the best intentions. This is especially good for me after all the experiences from online.

Talking to the Peace Corps- I talked with the recruiter who helped me prepare my application for the Peace Corps almost 2 years ago. He is an all-around stand up guy, He answered all of my questions to his best ability. It’s still didn’t change my mind for the decision of not serving in Peace Corps at the moment. But it did provide a good amount of closure in that decision.

Do the next right thing

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