• Monica Jackson

The New York Difference

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I have had the chance to sink my teeth into NYC for a few weeks, even though this isn’t the most creative thing I have ever written I would share some of the highlights & difference of NYC.

The people- People aren’t rude, they just don’t go out of their way for you. Southern hospitality is a real thing Y’ALL, my experience is the general/common courtesy is to yourself, Maybe this is because i'm use to Kentucky’s slower life style, that doesn’t exist here- even after work & on the weekend the city feels restless.

The people here have caused me to take back any assumptions I would have initially made about a person. For example, the 10 year old boy subway who asked if the train stopped at a certain station next. It’s wasn’t my place to say if he should be traveling alone or judge whoever allowed him to do it. The profiles I have assumed about someone’s: gender, food security, income level or home has been challenged- I’m thankful for it, but it has left me answer-less to so many social problems & human right issues.

The place- I love my internship & the NYC is really cool, but I’m not sure I could live here pertinently, I have invested 3 years to find really good friends in college & I am realizing how important being close to family is. I think of the city as having specific & unique niches for everyone. Like the karaoke Karen bar with traditional drinks & song books that’s 15 minute walk from me. The hard part of having everything at your fingertips is it comes at a pretty droller & finding that specif place you are in the mood for. I do feel some pressure to go see all the things (probably healthy pressure though). But I try to be select & not scheduled every recommendations I get.

The work- I have enjoyed going to work everyday, I love what I am doing & learning, probably, 80% of the time. The other 20% is when I ask myself what the hell im here... its when I'm tell myself this is the reason you are being compensated. I do really like the flow of the week with 1-2 days on a construction sites & the others at office. Last week I got this new project I am really excited about! I’m collecting data on rent rate for available "affordable" houses in different neighborhood to compare to what people can actually afford based on the neighborhood's average income. This research will be used to advocate for more affordable housing within the respective neighborhoods of NYC.

The experience has proven that people who work at nonprofit are underpaid & over worked but, that doesn’t discourage them from doing the work (& doing it well). I do make sure to double check my work...then check it 2X more to not creating any trouble for them. I have consistently to remind myself that I’m an intern- I’m going to make mistakes & I have a lot to learn so it’s okay to ask for help.

With perspective & grace,


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