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The Work Behind The Mantras

Updated: Apr 5

There is a criticism of social media to only show the time when you achieved the goal, when you achieve the thing, when you got the job. I think a new era is arising where there is more transparency. To be completely honest sometimes writing feels really heavy and permanent. So I’m trying to not always come as by best self but a someone that is still trying to make an effort. I want to follow that to share what I have found is the sweet spot of getting to my goal right now (getting a job). The process lays between the law of attraction, manifesting & hard work.

The law of attraction is (flawed but it is) doing the mantras, put the things on my vision board, setting the goals. Basically you will attract what you want. For example the saying when I see of if, when I get this career development job.... Manifesting on the other hand is actually doing things not just set the goal & talk about it but actively pursue it. Like when I put in the work, do my research to see what are the high impact practices of the role.

Like I talked about in my last post, I have started the job search. Last I checked I have talked to 30 people in higher rolls that might be able to offer advice. This has not necessarily lead to any jobs, but I am now well versed in the politics across the industry. I can speak to specific aspects of a community college vs a private institution vs a big university. It also helps to have a few professional in your counter & good friend as a sound board/to cheer you on.

I also believe habit stacking plays a role. Good stuff happens when good stuff is already happening. In a more technical term habit stacking is building on existing routine, like drinking a glass of water after you brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth already habit so remembering to drink more water isn’t as hard because it’s triggered by something you already do. in the instance of job search i’ve built more skills in developing meaningful conversations quickly and with people I know little about.

Lastly I want to say hiding your suffering helps no one. I jut went through a break up while looking for a job during a pandemic. I leaned on my friends so much to help me through it. It‘s what they are there for, they also don’t expect you to show up as your best self always.

If you need anything please reach out to your friend, your fam or ME! Sending you a big long comforting hug!

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