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What Do I Do As A White Woman?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Two of major external identities are being a woman & being white. I love being a woman, every day despite the struggles of the grit & growth with being a woman im still here for it. I do not love being white its pervasive and I feel guilt & shame for it. On top of that I disappoint myself when I don’t fully take advantage of the ability to create equity with my born privilege. & Untill we unlearn racism & white supremacy. Until we value black & brown bodies this feeling will not pass nor do I think it should.

If you are white (as I am) you have privilege-like the privilege to lean about privilege before you experience it. I deffinetly fall into that category. I don‘t know what’s it’s like to be scared of the cops & I can’t imagen what being racially profiled is like. It’s never happened to me personall, that’s privilege. I have born privilege, knowing what to do with it can be really hard though. If I leverage my privilege in the right way other can have maybe a little more.

As a white person it’s my job to call out the injustices & build a more united fight against racism & reform. We (white people) need to be an ally #BlackLivesMatter

Where do I start:

By seeing your blind spots, let’s talk about what have I previously assumed, what are the things I have just let go of & not said anything about? How am I inadvertently contributing to our countrys sick system? Do I know the different from intent VS. Impact? Have I noticed what I am feeling or how traumatized I am after this week of inequity, violence & brutality.

I am a white person who believes in equity. But am I reading just as much of the prospectives of black & brown people. The non-washed version...if you need permission to be the very vocal white friend you have it! If someone says or does something that ain’t right, call it! The way I do this is holding it to the same standard as I would if they were white. For example if I describe someone to identify then in the waiting room I can talk about what they were wearing but i if i wouldn't say the person is white i also shouldn’t say if they are black.

If we want to change what spill out of us, we have to change what is put into us.

What is the goal: I tell myself that made my privilege from hard work, thats the story i tell myself. But that is not what I’m talking about when I’m talking about white privilege. White Privilege is being born on third base. Ignorant privilege is thinking you're there because you hit a triple. Recognizing this causes us to be on the choppy waters of change right now, this change happens through struggle. But this change can be hopeful too.

My perception of the change that is being desired is reform & education from police. It’s also a humanitarian issue of valuing human lives & recognition that people who are black or even non-white have been oppressed by people who are white for 400+ years. It’s a desire for moving the needle of peoples mindset, it’s not just being for equality but being anti-raceist.

Takeing external action & internal consciousness are both important for a some ideas for doing this are here

  • VOTE

  • Donate to causes for people who are black

  • Follow people who are black

  • Call out racist comments

  • Read books by authors who are black

  • Watch movies with lead roles who are black

  • Teach the non westernized version of history

  • Buy from black owned business

  • Be conscious of your privilege if you are white

  • Hire people who are black

  • Raise anti-racist kids

  • Make friends with people who are black

  • Date people who are black

  • Support causes for people who are back to to have more opportunities

  • Text your friends who are black to see how they are doing through all of this.

Do the best you can until you know better & then do better

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