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Who are you for yourself?

Updated: Aug 13

II was listening to this TickTock the other day about the first time somebody went to therapy. Their motivation was that he was a good father a good friend and a good employee. But if he could be great at all those by himself he would already been by now so he was getting help. Those are all things he did for other people, who was he for him,,, Who are you for yourself?

That was a lot for me to come to terms with while I was moving to Atlanta. It helps me to know I was & am worthy & enough. I know someone should have (inset ways people didn’t have my best interest ) AND they didn’t. But let me remind you of how kind you are for other people- giving so much patience to grow & hoping for the best, but also thinking they are incredible as they are now. So why don’t I think the same of myself…

“We are certain we are meant for more but we do not even deserve what we have.”

I think that all ties into who we are for ourselves, here is a shot at being who I need to be for me by making some space for the things I like about myself:

  • I am proud of how well I take care of my body- with things I put in it, the movement/endurance it undergoes & holds up to

  • I love that I ask good questions to get to know & understand people

  • I’m proud of being transparent about being dyslexic at work and on here

  • I am honored that people have positive, Impactful & notable things to say about my charter

  • I love the community of people I have created to inspire me & hold me up

  • I like that I consciously & consistently trying to be an unconditional friend

  • I know myself well enough to pull away from the triggers that are making me anxious

  • I am proud of my tenacity & work ethic

  • I realize that I am willing to feel & face the parts of me that don’t feel love, and that can be hard

  • I'm grateful for my optimism and empathy are some of my strongest qualities

You put a lotta love in & you are going to get it right back. Let me remind you, you are perfect & you have room for improvement. You deserve the same love that you give everybody else, Capish?

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